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Notice of Postponement of Directorate Cadre Training/Workshop

Notice is hereby given of the postponement of the Directorate Cadre Training scheduled to hold from the 29th March to the 2nd April, 2020. The President has suggested we take heed and comply with the advisory note issued by the FMOH and various authorities on gathering of 50 or more persons and social distancing as a result of the Corona virus disease pandemic.
We are pushing the training date by 30 days in this instance but will carefully and continuously monitor the COVID-19 situation and advise as appropriate in future. AMLSN regrets the inconvenience this postponement may have caused members concerned as we would rather err on the side of caution.
We will keep you informed as the situation unfolds

Executive Secretary

DanielNotice of Postponement of Directorate Cadre Training/Workshop