Medicine today is evidence-based and the laboratory is where over 70% of this evidence is obtained. Quality laboratory service is essential to quality health care. Competent, licensed, laboratory professionals are the foundation to quality laboratory medicine.

Providing professional development opportunities so that laboratory professionals continuously improve their knowledge, update and sharpen old skills, and acquire new ones will allow them to function at their highest levelof competence.

AMLSN shares the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria’s (MLSCN’s) vision that continuing professional development (CPD) is critical to future successful on-the-job performance. Earning CPD credits allows Medical Laboratory Scientists to reach beyond their formal education to the maintenance and continuation of important and necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver high quality services.

Earning 10 CPD credits has become a requisite for licensure, effective in 2015. See the CPD Policy (link is external) for more details as to what activities are accredited and the documentation needed to support claiming CPD credits.

In order to ensure that MLS have ample opportunities to earn CPD credits, AMLSN with the support of USAID has taken an innovative step towards developing online eLearning courses that are accredited by MLSCN. MLS can access courses when it is most convenient for them and complete courses at their own pace – an ideal situation for busy Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Visit the new e-Learning website

Accessing the e-Learning courses

In response to feedback from AMLSN learners regarding connectivity interruptions when taking eLearning courses, all eLearning courses have been migrated to a new open-source Moodle eLearning platform, including the newly released Series III eLearning courses.

What you need to know:

  • If you registered with the old website, your username and password will work on the new website. However, you may be prompted to update your profile and possibly change your password.
  • Your grades have been transferred.
  • If you are registered with MLSCN and an AMLSN member, the courses are covered by a portion of the N5,000 CPD fee that you pay MLSCN annually.

Some basic tips on how to access and navigate the new platform:

  1. Once logged in, choose one of the nine courses by clicking on the title.
  2. You can navigate back to the course Session by clicking the back arrow on your browser  or by clicking on
    the Session link at the top of the page.
  3. View course content by clicking on the Page icons. The main course content is displayed as Pages. Click on the title to load the Page and read the content.
  4. View Supplemental Materials by clicking on the PDF icon. Supplemental Materials may be displayed in PDFs or other formats including pictures and video that may require you to download additional software.
  5. Test your knowledge by clicking on the Quiz icons. Some Sessions have brief quizzes; complete them in preparation for the Final Exam, which appears under Course Assessments.
  6. Track your progress by using the Your progress boxes that are to the right of course content. Click on the corresponding box to indicate the content you have completed.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, see the Guide on Accessing and Navigating the AMLSN eLearning Courses.

Contact AMLSN Communications Officer Daniel Adedigba by email if you continue to experience any problems: daniel@amlsn.org.ng (link sends e-mail).

Series III (2014) Courses Available for Download

  • The offiline version (PDF) of the Fundamentals of Polymerase Chain Reaction and its Applications in HIV Molecular Diagnosis and Monitoring will be available soon.

Please keep in mind that you will need to log-in to the eLearning website to complete the final exams. Please refer to the frequently asked question (FAQ) list (link is external) if you have a question. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, please post it to the AMLSN eLearning Facebook Group (link is external).

Other accredited e-Learning courses

In the MLSCN CPD Policy, it accredits the following other eLearning courses since they have been produced by reputable sources.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis 1 – 5 (link is external) | Register/Login (link is external)

International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science and WHO

Register/Login (link is external) Cytology Hematology Ultrasound [Adult Heart] Ultrasound [Carotid Artery] Urine Sediments

JHU Clinical Global Health Education

Register/Login (link is external) Specimen Management Western Blot Procedure CD4 Enumeration PBMC Cryopreservation

USAID Global Health e-Learning Center

Register/Login (link is external)   HIV Basics Part 1   Malaria   TB Basics   TB Advanced Concepts