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TYR Bagged Pan-African Award

Surprise encomiums were poured on Alh Toyosi Y Raheem(TYR) at the presentation of the Pan-African Servant Leadership Award to him on Monday March 6, 2017 at the AMLSN National Secretariat, Abuja, Nigeria. The award was from the African Students Union Parliament (ASUP).

The leader of the ASUP delegation said members of the
African Students’ Union Parliament had taken time to scrutinize TYR and confirmed that he commits himself (time and resources) to serve the common good in accordance with the Pan Africanism ideology.

In the ASUP citation, TYR was described as a lover of students, youths and a charismatic personality whose credentials of efficient service delivery, high administrative acumen, financial prudence, dedicated and strategic leadership etc, make him an outstanding candidate for the award.

Responding, TYR appreciated the unexpected award conferred on him by the African Students Union Parliament and promised that it is a development that
would motivate him (TYR) to do more of all the virtues listed about him. He agreed with ASUP on their Pan Africanism ideology saying that nobody can develop Africa except Africans, reiterating that all of us must be committed to the development of Africa. He commended ASUP for their programme on fighting Drug Abuse in Africa saying that drug abuse most times act as a catalyst for several vices and self destruction especially among youths.

ASUP also used the occasion to appreciate the team spirit of TYR’s AMLSN Executives.

Present at the Award presentation were AMLSN BoT members, AMLSN Secretariat Staff, ASUP delegation led by the ASUP Speaker Rt. Hon Coulibally Ahmed from Cote D’Ivoire among others.

Once more we say hearty Congratulations to TYR ! More of every laudable honour and accolades, Amen.

josiahTYR Bagged Pan-African Award

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