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Offline Payment

You can access the offline payment  link here

You can add a new Offline Payment if you have made payment with the offline method.

Fill the details of your payment and attach the proof of payment then click submit

Once your Submission is Reviewed, a response will be communicated to you on the platform and in your mail. This response could either be accepted or rejected.

If your submission doesn’t pass our Payment Verification, it will be rejected.

If your submission successful, you will get get a notification mail and can be seen on the platform where you will have an option to download your receipt.

Your approval mail will have a receipt attached to it.

Offline Payment
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Make Online Payment

Click on the Payment tab to get started.

Click on the Make Payment link to enter the payment page.

Select the Payment to be made (Learn more and Pay)

Click on Make Payment

Enter your card details then click on Pay

Enter your confirmation details and click on continue 

Once your transaction is accepted you will get a Transaction Successful countdown

You will also get an Approval Notification at the top of page. Once the process around the Make Payment is completed, You will be taken to the Transaction History

Your will get an Email Notification of your Successful Payment

You will find a Receipt Attached to the Successful Payment Notification Mail

If your payment cannot be completed due to network, Click the Re-query Button to Re-verify the transaction


Once the Transaction is Completed, You will also have an option to Download the Receipt.

Make Online Payment
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