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Terror In Delta: Medical Laboratory Scientists Sacked For Upholding Professional Ethics

The clamour by Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria for professional freedom has assumed a dangerous dimension in Delta State University Teaching Hospital Oghara as six Medical Laboratory Scientists has been sacked for refusing to allow pathologists sign the result of the test they performed.
This is certainly an ugly incident which demands the urgent attention of the President of the Association, Dr. G.C. Okara.

‘No December Salary For You’-Irua Chief Medical Director Tells MLS
The Medical Laboratory Scientists at Irua Specialist Hospital in Edo State as at the time of this report has been denied their december 2011 for refusing to be under the control of Pathologists.
This act of victimisation as management excesses must be condemned by all men of goodwill and with prompt intervention by the leadership of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria.

MLSCN Stamps Its Authority On Medical Laboratory Practice In Nigeria
The Medical Laboratory Science Council Of Nigeria in a strategic move to demonstrate that it’s the only agency empowered by law to regulate the practice of medical laboratory science in Nigeria is collaborating with AMLSN and the John Hopkins Hospital in the United States of America to launch a compulsory Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD) for Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria before annual renewal of licence. The project funded by USAID, the United States Agency for International Development is bound to change the way Medical Laboratory Science is practised in Nigeria.

‘Patients Want Medical Laboratory Scientists To Treat Them’- Afolabi Sylfad

What would you do if a patient ask to be treated after you have performed relevant medical laboratory test on him? Medical Laboratory Scientists in the rural areas testified that this is a real and recurring episode and challenge. But Afolabi Sylfad thinks is an imperative social change issue the Medical Laboratory Scientist will have to confront willy nilly!
The question goes..’Is it ethical’? Some people think it’s unethical while others gave tacit approval on moral ground. Others have drawn a corrolary between this issue and point of care testing (POCT).Whether ethical or not, the fact is, patients are increasingly asking Medical Laboratory Scientists to treat them since they have dutifully diagnosed the cause of their problems. How the profession will address this societal demand is a matter that demands urgent attention.

Ondo State Branch Hosts Annual Public Lecture Of AMLSN
The Ondo State branch of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists Of Nigeria is billed to host the forthcoming annual public lecture and the Expanded National Executive Council meeting between February 23rd and 25th, 2012. This important notice was released by the public relations officer of the Association, Mr. Dudu Olabode in a recent post at the Alll Medical Laboratory Scientists forum.

NUPMTPAM Holds NEC/NAC Meeting In Ilorin
The next national executive council meeting /the national administrative council meeting of the National Union of Pharmacists, Medical Scientists and Profession Allied to Medicine shall hold at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Kwara State between January 24th-27th. This was released to the press by Mr. Obisesan Oluwatuyi.


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Terror In Delta: Medical Laboratory Scientists Sacked For Upholding Professional Ethics