MLSCN Staff Member with CPD Project PosterContinuing Professional Development

Medicine today is evidence-based and the laboratory is where over 70% of this evidence is obtained. Quality laboratory service is essential to quality health care. Competent, licensed, laboratory professionals are the foundation to quality laboratory medicine.

Providing professional development opportunities so that laboratory professionals continuously improve their knowledge, update and sharpen old skills, and acquire new ones will allow them to function at their highest levelof competence.

AMLSN shares the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria’s (MLSCN’s) vision that continuing professional development (CPD) is critical to future successful on-the-job performance. Earning CPD credits allows Medical Laboratory Scientists to reach beyond their formal education to the maintenance and continuation of important and necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver high quality services.

Earning 10 CPD credits has become a requisite for licensure, effective in 2015. See the CPD Policy for more details as to what activities are accredited and the documentation needed to support claiming CPD credits.

In order to ensure that MLS have ample opportunities to earn CPD credits, AMLSN with the support of USAID has taken an innovative step towards developing online eLearning courses that are accredited by MLSCN. MLS can access courses when it is most convenient for them and complete courses at their own pace - an ideal situation for busy Medical Laboratory Scientists.